Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Note Cards

I did it! I made note cards.
I'm so excited!!

Here's "Pears" - done in graphite.
(That's pencil for those of you unfamiliar with the term.)

Would you believe this is the second drawing I ever did that wasn't a stick figure? (The first was a charcoal drawing of a coffee mug.)

Apparently I do have some drawing ability, but didn't realize it until I took an adult education class a few years ago. (My stick figures were pitiful. Small children laughed...really!)

The class name? "So You Think You Can't Draw".

I knew I couldn't draw, but figured I could learn a few techniques. (Major credit goes to Jill Jeffers Goodell who does a great job teaching drawing at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon. She's a fantastic artist and she can teach anyone to draw too.)

This is European Larch - pen and watercolor.

And this is a rather primitive sketch: "Flower" and is done in ink and watercolor pencil.
Someday I'll figure out what kind of flower it is and name it properly. For now, it's just kinda cute, don't ya think??